There are three main reasons to book your travel with a travel agent

While there are many reasons why web visitors return to independent or personal travel agents, there are two main reasons. These reasons can be found on major forums, blogs, and message boards.

Travel agents are often the first to return because of the horror stories they have seen online. The story usually goes something like this: A web visitor finds a great deal, reviews most of the information about the package and then books the vacation. They arrive at their destination to discover that the room they were expecting to have ocean views is actually located in the corner of the hotel. The front desk is contacted by an individual to inquire about ocean-facing accommodations. They are informed that the hotel is full and that a change of room is not possible.

To save their vacation, they go back to their hotel room to make the most of the facilities that were provided.

They prefer to work with a professional travel agency, and not a website, unless they are ready to book their travel. They share their stories online with family and friends, as well as neighbors. This allows them to think long and hard before booking a major vacation, even if they don’t have a travel professional.

The second group of travel professionals is the most important. They have never left travel agents. These are the people who would like to book a cruise but don’t know all the details.

These travelers look online for deals, then call their agent to check if they can match them. Many times they are not able to match the deals. Because large travel agencies are able to discount cruises in a way that smaller agencies cannot.

Travelers are paying $2,500 each for a 10-day cruise. This is despite the savings. However, it’s not a bad deal to pay a little more to avoid confusion.

A third reason that most travelers don’t know about is that booking with a professional travel agency is the best reason to book. You could also say payment plan. This option is not usually offered by online stores. You can either pay the full amount or you can forget about it. Booking with a travel agent is different. In most cases, you can pay the minimum deposit and the balance either 90 or 60 days prior to departure. You can also get upgrades and early booking discounts.

When you are taking a major cruise, monthly payments are acceptable and encouraged. You can now tour half of Europe with the cruise line before you embark on a cruise to the Holy Land, Egypt, Turkey, or Greece.

I believe that the ability to receive an automatic payment plan from a professional travel agent is the best reason to book major travel. This is called monetary options. (Except for the last two suggestions, you can often find the cheapest airfares online.

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