Making Money On Your Mobile Home Investment

Manufactured houses may be the best-kept real estate investment secret. While most investors have difficulty raising funds or paying taxes for one high-end property they want, manufactured home investors can easily make quick money and build equity quickly by purchasing a series of properties. Because manufactured homes are less affected by economic changes than other real estate markets, it’s easier to plan ahead.

If you have cash flow, investing in manufactured homes can be relatively simple. First, you need to overcome any negative beliefs you might have about manufactured housing. There is a huge market for these homes with both buyers and renters looking to live the flexible, affordable lifestyle they offer. Mobile and manufactured homes are also very different. Many have large patios and sunrooms that add style to everyday living.

People often assume that manufactured homes lose value over time. However, this is not the case. If a manufactured home is accompanied by property, its value may double over ten years. Another advantage is that investors can keep a valuable manufactured property without having to pay high mortgages or take out loans. These homes are also able to be moved off-site or disassembled for a fraction of what a regular home would cost.

There are many investment options that could generate high returns in the manufactured home market. It is easiest to buy stock in a publicly traded manufacturer housing company or invest in a trust that specializes only in manufactured homes. Renting out a manufactured home is another profitable option. Although you won’t have the ability to charge as much for a mobile home to rent as if it were a regular house, it will still be very profitable. A $50K mobile home might rent at $600 per month, while a $200K home would rent for about $750. This means that you will get a similar return on your investment, but with a smaller down payment and lower monthly mortgage payments. A third option is to purchase a mobile home and live there until your mortgage is paid. Then you can sell the home. This scenario will allow you to spend less on repairs and upgrades than you would for a regular home.

A pleasant surprise about mobile home investment is the speed at which the houses can be paid back. You will have a lower interest rate and a faster home equity. This also allows you to move faster on to your next real-estate investment.

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