Are Women’s Fashion Trends Making Them Impressive?

Both boys and girls were sent to dame schools in the 17th century. Although they were not taught much in the way of book learning, girls were taught how to be a great housewife. They were also taught how to cook. They learned how to weave, spin, and knit for both home and commercial use.

Fine knitting was highly valued and was a source of pride for the knitter. The girls were taught many complicated stitches. One fashion pattern is the herringbone. There were also patterns for knitting with the geese and the fox.

Girls were taught how fashion trends are created by having their initials made into stockings and mittens. Knitting the alphabet into mittens was a common practice, and it was sometimes possible to even create a poem.

Young women were taught fine embroidery and gentleness by their mothers. Fine embroidery was used to create new fashion purses that were sold in shops. Making paper flowers (Papyrotamia) was another fashion trend. They learned how to paint velvet fine art. They were taught how to make quilts in many different, difficult designs. They also learned how to make bone-lace with pillow andbobbins.

Latin Grammar was taught to boys. Their minds were firmly engraved with the study of writing and reading.

Women’s fashion was changing in the 19th Century (early Victorian 1837-1869). A woman’s desire was to have curves that enhance her femininity. Women desired curves and the fashion corset was able to give them those curves.

Fashion corsets took a leap forward in the late Victorian period, 1870-1900. Women were able to create curves by lacing their corsets tightly. A 18-inch waist was the fashion trend. This was also known as the “hourglass” look.

The 20th Century came along. Young women went to university and college. They started to compete for jobs with men. The company wage structure was what they found most difficult to compete with. Wages for women who do equal work as men were significantly lower than those of men. Equal parity for women in all aspects of life was still not achieved. In the professional areas, men were still considered superior.

Even though young women did not receive equal wages to their male counterparts, they still earned a decent income. This situation sparked a new fashion trend. The laddette fashion style.

Young women started to go out with their friends on most nights. Even though they were working, they didn’t limit their alcohol intake. They could only drink a few glasses of wine and spirits. They felt the need to compete against men.

Young men would be seen drinking large quantities of beer. They started to drink large quantities of beer.

They would be left the public house legless at closing time. Feel sick, then you will fall down. Many young women felt very sick and started going to work. They continued to drink even though they were feeling very sick. They had to be able to see that they were equal to and better than men.

The laddette fashion trend should fade as the 21st century progresses. The 19th Century fashion trend may partially reappear. Women can use the modern corset this time to reintroduce their feminine side. They will also be able to purchase proper women’s fashion clothes with a decent wage, hopefully.

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